Creating a 3D game in ruby


Posted by: Elian(Shadi) Kamal on 08/09/2015 | Add Revision

all the information regarding the possibility of this on the internet is way outdated and irrelevant to the current ruby so my question is: I aim high I wish to create a AAA quality game with RUBY ALONE that would run normally as any other C++ game (yes I am aware of the fact that ruby is a high level programming language but also Java is and it didn't prevent developers from creating some of the top articles like Minecraft and Runescape and to create a good and fast library for 3D game development like LWJGL) and I think it is also possible in ruby, so I wish to know if there are any existing 3D game libraries for ruby and if not any resource to on how to create a 3D game library.


Andrew Havens -

I think 3D game development in Ruby is still relatively new territory. I'm not aware of any existing libraries for writing 3D games in Ruby (although I think there may be one that works with jRuby). I also remember Michael Fairley showing off a demo of a Minecraft clone that he wrote in Ruby ( He didn't mention which libraries he was using. However, one idea is that you could use RubyMotion to create a 3D game using SceneKit. It would only work on iOS and possibly Mac.