What's the best way to track game phases?


Posted by: Skydreamer on 08/21/2015 | Add Revision

I'm currently writing an IRC bot in Ruby to play some kind of strategy game (it doesn't matter which), but I'm hesitating between several solutions to implement a phases system the "best" way.

The system: The game has several days; the first day some phases occur to give the players their jobs and so on, but they never occur again, so phases are sometimes conditional.

What's more, when a certain condition is met, e.g. an important player dies, a phase may be started before the next one. Phases may be added by the job system; jobs are each defined in a single file and they can define their own phases and logic.

My ideas:

  • The game is handled by a class in which I can store an instance variable to remember the actual phase and handle all of the logic in the code. I don't think this is the best idea.
  • Use a phases hash to store the next phase and other parameters and methods to handle each change.

Is there a better way? I don't think those I came up with are very flexible.

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