What Do We Need to Apply for Tibet Travel Permit?


Posted by: Racheltu on 10/08/2021 | Add Revision

Nowadays, you can only get a Tibet Travel Permit(it's often referred to as TTB permit as it's issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau.) through a local travel agency then get to Lhasa. We need the following documents & info from each traveler to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit. The time needed to apply for it changes irregularly. But we usually need at least 10 days prior to file the application with these documents & info. And Tibet Tourism Bureau won't issue permits more than 30-day in advance, instead, they issue a TTB permit about 20 days or so prior tour starting date.

Colour-scan/photo of the valid passport photo page. Colour-scan/photo of valid China visa page. (except L Visa, tourist visa, any other types of China Visa need additional stamped paper in Mandarin from your school/company in China, in which your name, passport No., position, company add should be stated.) From which city of China you plan to enter Tibet & which city of China you plan to depart to after your Tibet tour. (please be aware, entering/departing city will be printed on your permit, once issued it would be the only city you be able to enter/depart. Extra time & fee will be taken if later you want to change it)