Pay Fast Payment Gateway


Posted by: Izza Noor on 05/06/2022 | Add Revision

Accept digital payments from bank accounts, mobile wallets, and UnionPay scheme cards. Automate and accelerate your online billing payments today.

Some features and benefits of using Pay Fast.

Accept payments with ease via credit cards, account numbers & mobile wallets. Click here for more information on our products and services. The PCI-DSS-compliant solution enhances the security layer and safeguards against potential threats. Our clients have access to an extensive range of payment methods including debit and credit cards (powered by Visa, MasterCard, and Unionpay), Account Numbers, and mobile wallets of partner banks. Provides reports with detailed statistics about transactions, refunds, and more to provide you insight into your business. Developer-friendly reST APIs that integrate with all major platforms and our transactions are run through a fraud risk management system to detect fraudulent and risky orders.