3D Graphics Engine for Ruby on Rails


Posted by: Starkers on 08/21/2015 | Add Revision

I've had a good few months of experience with Ruby on Rails, creating my own CMS system, a social network and even a VOIP enabled answering phone machine. I'm also an established 3D modeller, and what I really, really want to do is create a 3D game that's executed in the browser.

I'm not talking Crysis: Online or CoD: Online, or even Doom. Nothing too graphically/RAM intensive. Not a shooter. I simply want to create a simple puzzle solving, hidden object game that can be accessed in the browser.

Maybe something along the lines of the Myst III+ games.


Technically, they're very simple games, but by placing the camera inside a 3D sphere with its inner surface textured with an appropriately-distorted 2D rendering, they pull the player into thinking they're exploring a 'fully' 3D world.

They're not realtime, and I genuinely think this could be done online. Maybe some bandwidth issues with these high-res images, but by hiding loading screens behind doors that take a while to open, I think a seamless experience could be achieved.

So, is there a simple 3D engine for ruby? Open source, with a great community?

Apologies if you think I'm rambling, I've rambled in the hope that it'll give you a good feel for my technical requirements :)

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