When should I represent points and sizes as structures?


Posted by: Oxide on 08/21/2015 | Add Revision

As part of my simple Ruby 2D game development framework, my game objects have position (x and y values) and size (width and height).

class MyGameObject
  attr_accessor :x
  attr_accessor :y
  attr_accessor :width
  attr_accessor :height

Another approach I've seen was treating the position as a Point structure, and the size as a Size structure:

Point = Struct.new(:x, :y)
Size = Struct.new(:width,:height)

class MyGameObject
  attr_accessor :position   # Point instance
  attr_accessor :size       # Size instance

Some frameworks use the former (I think GDX, Gosu...). Others use the latter (cocos2d-iphone). The problem is, it isn't entirely clear to me the advantages and disadvantages of both behaviors (in game development) - I don't know why some frameworks chose one and not the other.

Are there significant differences I should consider?

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