How can i remove the margins in Window_Base?


Posted by: Memor-X on 09/02/2016 | Add Revision

So i am remaking Window_Status for my game where i have the character battler displayed in the background. bellow is the portion of the script which adds the battler image

bitmap = RPG::Cache.battler(@actor.battler_name+"_menu", @actor.battler_hue)
cw = bitmap.width
ch = bitmap.height
src_rect =, 0, cw,ch)
self.contents.blt(0,0, bitmap, src_rect, 75)
draw_actor_name(@actor, 0, 0)
draw_actor_level(@actor, 80,0)
draw_actor_class(@actor, 0, 32)

and this is the result


now the battler image used is about 5x larger than the regular one (because stretching it using code made it look pixely, this way it's a bit more smoother) and also i've chopped off the left side because some of the battlers i use don't have their head perfectly centered (this way they can all can get set at 0,0)

however as you can see the bottom, which isn't cropped in the original image, is still being chopped off at the bottom. also despite the bitmap being at 0,0 it's not flesh against the sides.

i'd like to know how i can remove these margins? ideally at the Window_Base level since i can see myself running into the same problem with Window_Selectable

NOTE: this is in RPG Maker XP so i'm using RGSS

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